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Pitch the media and get the EXPOSURE

you deserve!

It's one thing to find the media — it's another to grab their attention.

And crafting the perfect pitch is the sure-fire way to do it.

PitchRate has tapped the minds of Wasabi Publicity's publicist extraordinaire, Michelle Tennant, and Publicity Results! PR wizard Drew Gerber, to present you the PERFECT PITCH PACKAGE.

Filled with sample pitches that cover every angle from breaking news to getting book deals, this awesome PR GUIDE to pitching the media includes:

Publicity TipsThe Pitching manual from Drew's Publicity Results! Training program sharing Wasabi Publicity's most successful pitches that have landed TOP TIER NATIONAL MEDIA. You'll learn how to incorporate your branding and messaging into each pitch and the manual will take you through the step-by-step process of crafting an attention-grabbing PITCH! By the end you'll have crafted your OWN Perfect Pitch! You'll also learn the proven pitch formulas for:
  • Breaking News;
  • Seasonal News;
  • Radio;
  • TV;
  • Magazines;
  • Internet;
  • Events;
  • And building a relationship with the media!
Publicity TipsThe audio of the in-depth training call with Drew to provide you a step-by-step guide to crafting the perfect pitch that will WOW whoever reads it. You'll learn:
  • The BIGGEST time waster when pitching;
  • Email no-no's that will get your pitch marked as SPAM or deleted immediately
  • And how to adapt your pitch for hard news or soft news!
Publicity TipsAnd that's not all! You'll listen in on the call between Michelle and Dolce Dolce founder and editor Gracey Hitchcock, where you'll learn sure-fire ways to get your pitch DELETED from an editor's inbox without it ever being opened! PLUS:
  • What NEVER to say when you call a media contact;
  • Press release essentials;
  • How your kindergarten lessons apply to pitches;
  • Photos, links and the correct file sizes editors seek;
  • Simple no-no's around events;
  • How to effectively approach magazines with your product;
  • Why some editors review you and why others delete you.

Have you ever thought it possible to create a pitch that could land Dr. Phil, CNN, and other top media within 8 hours? Well, you'll be learning from the PR pro's who've proved it possible!

Begin delivering those knockout pitches that are sure to land you the media coverage you deserve!

Priced at just $197!